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Stripping / Waxing and Floor Maintenance


Tiles in need of a good cleaning? Scuffed and marked floors looking bad to your customers? Proper care is essential to extending the lifetime of your floors. If you wish to keep those new floors clean and scuff-free, why not have JS Cleaning help you with a maintenance program that fits you, the customer. We can spray buff or burnish those tired floors weekly / bi-weekly / monthly or bi-monthly to preserve the finish and extend the life of your floors, saving you money in the long haul.

If the tiled floors are too far gone and they need to be stripped and refinished, call JS Cleaning. We have been stripping and waxing floors for more than 20 years. As a bonus to you the customer, we use ECO Friendly stripper and ECO Green Floor Finish.

We maintain all types of flooring inlcuding linoleum, vinyl, terrazzo, marble, rubber, asphalt, concrete and well sealed wood flooring.

Office Cleaning

Thinking of hiring some office cleaning staff? With one walk through of your company's offices, we can come up with a list of the tasks and a maintenance schedule that is suited to your individual cleaning needs. JS Cleaning will provide only the services you need, as our contracts are suited to your company and your company's needs at a fair and reasonable price. Below is a sample of tasks that can be provided for your office or business.

- Vacuum all carpeted areas
- Sweep and wash all floors
- Dust desks and all surfaces (papers and files to be left on desks…untouched)
- Dust all shelving units and cabinets, tables and countertops
- Dust photocopiers, computers and other machines (not computer screens)
- Wash all ledges and door frames as needed
- Clean windows and ledges
- Clean lunch room - tables, counter, sinks, exterior of appliances
- Clean complete bathroom - sink, toilet, fixtures and floor
- Empty ALL garbage cans, recycling bins, replace bags and damp wipe exterior
- Spot clean finger marks, smudges from walls, electrical switches and outlets

Note: if an item is not listed, we can add it to suit your needs  

Top To Bottom "One Time Cleanings"


Own or manage a restaurant or commercial business with open ceilings? Look up and see cobwebs and dust? Time for a high dusting or deep cleaning. Why get on those ladders yourself or ask your staff to do it? Call the ones who climb ladders for a living and let us clean the dust, dirt and grime off those air ducts, rafters and all the wall hangings in your place of business and give your employees and customers a clean fresh environment to work in and a great place to visit.




Customer Testimonials
I also wanted to say that your company did an excellent job, they were friendly and very efficient – my car looks great! Thank you 
Margaret Foley




Commercial & Retail Windows


We offer weekly/bi-weekly/monthly window cleaning service. We can set a maintenance program specifically for your company's needs at a fair and reasonable cost to you.

Let your customers see what's happening inside and out with ease. Call the pros and never worry about cleaning those store front, office or restaurant windows again.

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